Barrigan, The Magister

"Imperiate wine? I wouldn't slop it to hogs. Now go and fetch me a proper libation."


Magisters are the reason the common rabble are so damn superstitious of turning weary beggars away from their door. These crones travel the land wielding a vast array of spells meant to reward those they deem just and punish those they find guilty. Many fear having their morality tested by one in disguise, and rightly so, for many who bear the mark of a Magister’s judgment wish they had not lived to tell the tale. Those who would dare to contest a Magister would do well to weigh the might of their sword against the strength of their heart, for being found wanting by her in battle is a death sentence.

~ Imperator Albinus Fulvius



Barrigan is an aloof, elitist woman with a relish for the ‘finer things’. She enjoys good wine, music, and a warm bed. While she may look down her nose at some of her more ‘natural’ sisters, she reserves the bulk of her distaste for peasants and villagers. She often comments on how smelly or unwashed peasants are, and often insists that everyone involved in a case she is set to judge be bathed beforehand.


Barrigan is known for her love of the finer things. She must enjoy some luxury in order to uphold her reputation.


+1 to hand size. Select a “bonus” card during character generation as well.

Barrigan, The Magister

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