Clais, The Hedgewalker

"Dead men, sister. Dead so far from home. They cry for mamas and stregas."


Hedgewalkers, so called because their sorcery allows them to “walk the hedge” that lies between this life and the one beyond, are among the most deadly of all witches. While they travel through their unspeakable netherworld they are completely invulnerable, and they may return to this one whenever and wherever they choose. This magic makes them adept assassins, capable of picking off select targets even in a chaotic warzone. There is then truth to the saying; “the only way to see a Hedgewalker coming is to already be dead.”

~ Imperator Albinus Fulvius



Clais is a morose, melancholy woman given to frequent bouts of tears or sadness, most likely because she spends a great deal of her time communing with the dead. She frequently visits graveyards or mausoleums to listen to the stories of ghosts and spirits. Her sisters often joke with her that she enjoys being sad more than anything else.


Clais is known for her sympathy and grief. She must display some small kindness to an NPC or perform a funeral rite in order to uphold this reputation.

+1 initiative token

Clais, The Hedgewalker

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