Gess, The Summoner

"Out of the way, foolish boy! You know not what you meddle in!"


Summoners possess the incredible power to breathe some twisted mockery of ‘life’ into inanimate elements. Their spells summon servants or soldiers to fit their Circle’s needs, molding them entirely out of whatever the environment provides. These minions are fearsome creatures whose only limitation is their creator’s imagination, each one easily worth a dozen mortal men in battle. But these witches are not invincible, nor do they dare to raise an entire army of creations. Total mastery over these constructs is impossible, and it is not rare to see a Summoner suddenly find themselves faced against the monstrous strength of their own creation.

~ Imperator Albinus Fulvius



Gess thinks a great deal of herself and her abilities. While she may call it accuracy, others call it “delusions of grandeur.” Truly, her constructs can be very powerful at times… but they can also frequently become liabilities. Gess has difficulty taking blame for any failures, a common refrain being “well, if you would have moved out of the way, your hair probably would not be singed off!”


Gess is well-known for her devil-may-care attitude. She must endanger NPC’s or PC’s in order to uphold this reputation.


All other players take -1 damage

Gess, The Summoner

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