Helle, The Fleshreaper

"What was your husband's name again, dear sister?"


Fleshreapers are monstrous hags who have imbued their own bodies with powerful deviltry. They can twist their flesh into any number of nightmarish weapons and forms far stronger than anything mortal men are capable of constructing, suiting their transmutable flesh to any given moment in battle. But this power comes at a terrible price: their transformations are fueled by their own flesh and blood and can only be accomplished by withstanding horrible pain. A Fleshreaper aims to end a battle quickly before she exhausts herself, and with her hellish might this is rarely a challenge for her to accomplish.

~ Imperator Albinus Fulvius



Helle appears to be rather young to be a crone as she often takes the form of a young woman; twisted, misshapen and deformed, but still youthful. She is sarcastic with a dark sense of humor, given to using skulls as puppets. She especially enjoys teasing her sister Prynne.


Helle enjoys striking fear into the hearts of mortals. To uphold her reputation, she must horrify, intimidate, or otherwise unsettle an NPC.


Deal +1d3 damage

Helle, The Fleshreaper

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