Kestrel, The Stormkeeper

"Winds gather, leaves fade, and yet this old witch remains."


Stormkeepers are a paradoxical class of witch who wield the powers of chaos in the name of preserving order. Nature is their ally, and their magic matches it in both unstoppable power and unpredictable temperament. They have the power to call down all the fury of the heavens on our legions, but they cannot guarantee the safety of either themselves or their allies as they do so. Despite the risks they take, only a fool would test the will of a Stormkeeper, as there are none alive who would hesitate to bring down destruction on any who would threaten them or their precious ‘sisters.’

~ Imperator Albinus Fulvius



Kestrel is a somewhat senile, batty old woman, prone to forgetfulness and odd behaviors. She often speaks aloud to herself, trying to remember things from the distant past. She claims that she is at least three-hundred years old, but on many days she can barely remember the events of the past week. She is fond of baubles and other shiny trinkets.

Kestrel is known as being a bit batty. To uphold her reputation, she must do something strange or a bit unnerving.

Your “Minor Action” card has an initiative cost of 0.

Kestrel, The Stormkeeper

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