Lish, The Shaman

"The spirits wish to feast upon your soul... but I think we can work out a more peaceful arrangement."


Shamans are enigmatic even amongst fellow crones, as they claim to conjure and control spirits from beyond the veil that separates this world from the next. Only they know the secrets needed to communicate with these spirits, who offer gifts of power to any who call upon them, blasphemous though it may be. These spirits’ ghostly forms are invulnerable to mortal attack, making them an even greater threat as only the Shaman may determine when their assistance ends. One should be cautious when they see one of her kind supporting a Circle, for despite the bleatings of our priests, there are many strange and dangerous spirits, and I fear that not even these “shamans” know exactly what they are capable of.

~ Imperator Albinus Fulvius



Lish is an intensely peaceful woman by nature, and tends to seek harmony over violence. She is very much in tune with the environment around her, so much so that she tends to ignore other people and instead talk to trees and rocks. Whether or not they actually talk back to her is anyone’s guess.


Lish is known for her pacifism. She must pursue a nonviolent resolution to at least one dangerous situation in order to uphold her reputation.


+1 to all healing this player performs.

Lish, The Shaman

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