Minnz, The Shieldbearere



Shieldbearers act as the bulwark of their Circle, protecting their sisters with warding magic and enchanted armor. They can shrug off the blows of our mortal legionnaires with ease, and will gladly jump in the way of attacks meant for her fellow crones. But they need not spend all of their focus on holding the line; their mystic strength is more than a match for any soldier and their counterattacks are often deadly. Any commander who wishes his legion to cross the battlelines drawn by a Shieldbearer had best be prepared to pay dearly for doing so.

~ Imperator Albinus Fulvius



Minnz is a rather quiet woman, but that is mainly because her helmet muffles any sound that she might be trying to communicate. It is not well known how she got her obviously ornate and expensive armor, and she rarely if ever removes her helmet and then only when indoors.

Minnz is known for her stoicism. To uphold her reputation, she must communicate something nonverbally and have her meaning understood.


-1d3 to all damage taken

Minnz, The Shieldbearere

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