Sannes, The Soothsayer

"We've lost something, then? Something gone missing? The dice weren't certain."


Soothsayers, I have heard, have been gifted with sight beyond sight, the power to peer into the future through any number of mediums and learn its secrets. Armed with this knowledge, they are formidable opponents and even more formidable leaders, as they can aid their Circle in forming perfect strategies to counter even the wisest tactician. Though their sight is not infallible, even if blinded they’d glimpse more than most could ever hope to see. If the Soothsayer possesses one weakness that we may exploit, it is only that her knowledge of the future does not always give her the means to change it.

~ Imperator Albinus Fulvius



Sannes is a kind, motherly woman who often takes it upon herself to guide her sisters towards their objectives if they get off track. Her eyes are cloudy and cataracted, though the loss of her sight does not seem to have done her any real harm. She is a strong believer in the importance of portents, and will try to lead her sisters towards them whenever possible.


Sannes is known for her leadership. She must take a decisive course of action in order to uphold her reputation.


+1 to hand size. Choose an additional card during character creation.

Sannes, The Soothsayer

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