Tregan, The Apothecary

"No, really, I'm quite certain I have the formula right this time! Just one little sip..."


Apothecaries are the most volatile and unpredictable of all witches. A considerable feat, since I doubt they know many true “spells.’ Their realm is that of brews, potions, and poisons, all of which may have any number of different properties and not all of which may be intended by the madwoman who brews them. The magic of mixing is inexact, and mistakes and side-effects are a common occurrence. Of course, it takes far less effort to mix some nasty ingredients than it does to conjure fire out of thin air, so that an Apothecary may cook up half a dozen haphazard potions in the time it takes her sister to cast a single, reliable spell.
~ Imperator Albinus Fulvius



Tregan is a jovial, though slightly unhinged Crone. She is a firm believer in the power of experimentation, and often brews strange and dangerous potions which she tests out on herself and others. She laughs frequently, or cackles rather, despite the appropriateness of such an action. She seems to be particularly fascinated with fire, and richly enjoys setting things aflame.


Tregan is known for her experimentation. She must concoct and use a dangerous brew in order to uphold her reputation.


You may re-roll one die per skill check

Tregan, The Apothecary

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