Varra, The Shapeshifter

"Wolves walk, the tiger stalks..."


Shapeshifters may be the most versatile of all witches. Their magic distorts and speaks heresy to the very laws of nature itself, bending its will and allowing them to assume the shapes and manners of savage beasts. With access to the myriad strengths and abilities of all nature’s creations, these crones are incredibly adaptable and nearly impossible to predict in battle. It is rare for a Shapeshifter to be caught off-guard, and rarer still for them to be unable to turn the tide of battle in their favor through the cunning selection of a new form.

~ Imperator Albinus Fulvius



Varra is difficult to describe, mainly because she spends so little time in her mortal form. She prefers to walk about as an animal, and doesn’t much care if the sight of a talking wolf or giant spider unnerves some peasants. She maintains a high degree of contempt for the bulk of humanity and is much known for her sometimes brutal and unnerving honesty.


Varra is known for her animalistic nature. She must do something vaguely feral in order to uphold this reputation; eat raw meat, growl at an NPC, sniff the air, etc.


+1d6 health. This may raise the player’s health above their usual maximum.

Varra, The Shapeshifter

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