Wister, The Spellweaver

"It is as it must be. The lines and threads have already wrapped around your throat."


Spellweavers are said to wield a unique brand of magic that manipulates the very fabric of fate. The invisible threads of fate that bind us and the eternally expanding web of life that connects us all lie under their command. While their control of these forces is not absolute (the laws of existence are theirs to bend, not break) they have more than enough power to flip the odds of any fight. Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat or turning a risky gambit into a sure bet may be rare even for other crones, but for the Spellweaver it is merely their profession.

~ Imperator Albinus Fulvius



Wister is a rather dour, fatalistic old woman. She often talks about how horrible things are “meant to be” and will go on at length about how incredibly doomed we all are. She will often say that she “knew” something terrible would happen and warns against proactive or exciting plans of attack.

Wister is known for her fatalism. She must make some dark, gloomy prediction about the fate of her sisters or NPC’s in order to uphold her melancholy reputation.


+1 to one skill’s rank

Wister, The Spellweaver

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