Strange things are afoot in the quaint little village of Ramsmore. Children have begun to go missing. Sudden rumblings emanate from deep under the earth, and strange whispers drift out from the very depths of the forest… You have been led here from parts unknown, but the question remains; are you here to save or to condemn?

About Crone
Crone is a tabletop game roleplaying card game about witches, wizened old women who wield vast magical power. These witches don’t build gingerbread houses or eat naughty children. Well…most don’t. Instead they travel the land, going on adventures, visiting ancient ruins, fighting powerful monsters, and doing their best to bring hope back to a world that has almost forgotten it. →

This game will be played via Roll20 as it uses a digital card-based combat system. While you don’t need to be experienced with Roll20 to play, I do recommend creating a free account and poking around a bit to get familiar with the program. When it’s game time, I will post on this hangout page a ‘public link’ so players can join the Roll20 session. →


Quickstart Rules: