Prynne, The Hearthmother

Quit your complaining, better to lose the limb quick than die slow of the rot."


Hearthmothers serve as the warm core of their Circles, using their magic to protect and care for their sisters in dire times. It is said that they will bring light to any who suffer in darkness in exchange for nothing but the promise that their kindness will be imitated. They are an enormous asset to their sisters in battle as they dispense healing and protective magic to keep their fellow witches’ bodies and spirits combat-ready. I have heard stories of entire legions withering away over the course of weeks while a Hearthmother kept their opponents rested and whole. It is very unlikely that any Circle will fall unless the Hearthmother falls first.

~ Imperator Albinus Fulvius



Prynne is an elderly, no-nonsense woman whose general attitude mirrors that of a strict schoolmarm. Several months ago, Prynne’s grandson came to live with her, bearing news of her daughter’s death. The boy has since gone missing, a portent that Prynne takes very seriously and pursues whenever she has the chance to do so.


Prynne is known for her pragmatism. She must do something cold-hearted but sensible in order to uphold her reputation.


+1 turn to the duration of all multi-turn abilities.

Prynne, The Hearthmother

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